Posted on Feb 8, 2021

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SEO for Small Businesses- Is it Worth It?
Among the top reasons for a website owner to go with SEO (search engine optimization) instead of paid advertisements is due to what the former has to offer in the long term. Although many still may not be fully convinced, but SEO is how your business will take flight. While there is no denying this fact, still, the question of it being worth it often arises.
When small businesses face financially challenging times and have to cut down on their budget, marketing gets the first chop. This can steer people to wondering if SEO is even worth all the hassle. Does it deserve all the time, money, and effort they are giving it? In this article, we will dive deep into organic SEO and tell you why it is something crucial for small business.
A Glance at Search Engine Marketing
Search engine marketing is generally called SEM and is one of the highly valuable marketing ways to get web traffic. It works with SEO and digital marketing to get your website index well on popular search engines like Google, Bing, etc. You can see fantastic results for your small business if you play your SEM cards the right way. Jupiter Research conducted a survey, and it states that 81% of users discover websites via search engines. This statistic clearly demonstrates how one must have a search engine presence. You can earn that presence with SEO or PPC (pay per click) advertisement.
What is SEO?
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