Posted on Oct 23, 2019

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Types of SEO Calgary

There are two areas that the search engine looks at when assessing the sites:

On-page SEO
Off-page SEO

On-page SEO- It is also referred as on-site SEO. In this, different parts of the search engine are optimized that affect the search engine rankings. The owner of the website has control over on-page SEO, and he can make changes in them.

– Title Tags: It should include the targeted keyword of the website.

– Headings (H1): It is an effective idea to use the keywords in the headings as they are the biggest words on the page and will accurately display the page content.

– URL Arrangement: Don’t change the old URLs unless there is a way to redirecting the old ones to the new page.

– Alt Text in the Images: Search Engine look for images on the basis of the alt text tag, so it is important that the images include the keywords.

Off-Page SEO: In this, the SEO analysts focus mainly on increasing the authority of the domain by getting more links from the other websites. There is a score known as “Domain Authority” that evaluates the authoritativeness of a website as compared to others. :
– Effective content

– Sharing on the social media platform

– Outreaching by emails

– Guest blogging on the related websites
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