Posted on Nov 4, 2019

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What is User Experience

The user experience of SEO is not only related to the relevance of keywords and content, but also the way users experience the web pages. Aesthetics and practicality are the two aspects which matter for the users.
Layout: Every business and industry has its own unique appeal and appearance. If a mechanical parts’ web page looks like a fashion website in design, users may not even bother to click the thumbnail image or the link to enter the website.

Content: Keeping the content precise, compact, and supported by Infographics and images can boost users' experience. They will consider the factual data in the form of statistical data to be more trusted than the longer form of text.
Navigation: Navigation between pages should be fast and smooth. Moving between different sections of the same page should also be smooth.

Relevance: Relevant content for the product and user preferences can make them stay on the page for a long time. Google observes their staying time and ranks the web pages accordingly. If the users go onto the buying or contact pages, the probability of quality user experience is stated to be more.
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