Posted on Dec 23, 2019

MRC SEO Consulting

What is SEO? search engine optimization Calgary

SEO stands for search engine optimization Calgary . It is a process that every website has to go through, which involves writing your website and its various pages in such a way to get more unpaid traffic directly from search engines. SEO allows you to design your website so that it becomes more valuable to different search engines. This value is what determines where your website is placed in the search results of web surfers. This makes it the key way in which your website gains more traffic.
Traffic is essential for any website's success because it is what allows you to monetize from your website. If you do not get traffic, you will not sell whatever it is your website is trying to pitch to its visitors. Search engines aim to provide Internet traffic with the highest quality and most relevant content that is available, and they do this by making websites use search engine optimization
Once something is searched on an engine, your website appears on a SERP (or search engine reseults page), and your position on the page is determined by your search engine optimization. Thus, your aim should be to optimize your page enough to make it as relevant as possible with regards to the subject you are addressing (which will put your website in the top results, and this will generate more traffic).
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