Posted on May 20, 2021

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Quick Wins for Online marketing - SEO
The methods are not guaranteed to rank your website on google any more than a home run will make it to the batting cages. I will share some methods that have worked for me.

# 1 - Google AdWords

Google AdWords lets you place ads on Google search results. They work really well with Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. You bid on keywords or keyword phrases. You can select your ad group or ad keywords by setting them on your campaign. You can set the bid amounts and durations to your needs. They also let you define a bidding strategy which may enhance your results.

# 2 - SEO Services

Some SEO firms offer top methods. For example their keyword research may be top notch compared to the rest. Many of the top methods may cost over the top money. SEO Services may or may not rank your website on the front page.
Search engine optimization can be hard to master especially if you are an information architect. For information architects it can be frustrating to track results or to keep the traffic you want coming in. For you to get to the front page of google or to get traffic that you want, you have to pay for every click you want to get the ranking you want.
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