Posted on 01-Dec-2020

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How SEO Is Still Pivotal for Businesses?
The ripples of the time change our dynamic business practices and often introduce new technological trends and strategies. Although this change is beneficial, this makes it grueling to determine which trend to adopt for the business’ growth.
The sheer number of different tools, methods, and strategies is indeed confusing, especially when you don’t have much insight into the industry. You may question yourself whether SEO and other traditional marketing practices are still in fashion or not. Whenever a trend is introduced, business owners tend to renounce the outdated methods and hastily adopt the new ones. That’s why learning what’s new in the industry holds paramount importance to compete with your rivals.
Even in 2020, Search Engine Optimization retains its value, even though some methods and practices have been replaced. It tells us that the landscape is shifting, and we must go with the flow to thrive. For instance, after Google’s Bert update 2019, the focus of optimization is shifted from keywords to content based on the internet search.
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